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We here at Starcor Believe in a quality product at a competitive price. Starcor has been in business for over 20 years.

Welcome to the StarcorMfg! Having served Ontario region for more than a decade now, our business provides you with all sorts of metal services. Here at Starcor, we provide a wide array of manufacturing and metal fabrication services to dozens of industries throughout the region. We specialize in all types of carbon, stainless steel and metal fabrication and machining, non-ferrous cutting Stainless cutting and steel structure welding,MIG and TIG welding, precision CNC machining,CNC flame cutting, CNC Plasma cutting, CNC Machining, CNC bending, custom machining, Laser cutting,Plate cutting and processing, Plate blanking, etc.

“Our ability to understand the importance of integrated relationships is what makes us so very valuable to the organizations that put their faith in us.”
Our engineering team conducts research and development in new areas of technology in machining centers, as well as ongoing improvement programs for current products; innovative ideas, advanced technology and superior quality attributes to our customer satisfaction results.